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Wednesday, December 18, 2002  

I had lunch today at Olives Mediterranean Bistro, on the corner of Elizabeth St. and Sweet Briar Rd. in St. Clair and spitting distance from my apartment, for the first time. I'd heard mixed opinions of it, and walking past it every day to and from the office I was naturally curious to find out for myself what the food was like.

And what it was like was pretty ordinary, truth be told. I had the "executive" special, a set two course meal and a glass of wine, for $90. My starter was a deep-fried vegetable cake that was nondescript, with greens (literally, a leaf of iceberg lettuce and a sprig of parsley) and yoghurt and cucumber dressing. My companion had the bruschetta with olive paste, aubergine paste and tomatoes; that was a bit better.

My main course was roast leg of lamb, tender and moist, but somehow not particularly flavourful. My companion didn't think much of her gourmet club sandwich, either. But the service was good, and the manager charming and attentive to a fault - she stopped at our table some five or so times, which was completely unnecessary. The bill, which included a glass of wine for my friend and two non-alcoholic drinks, was just under $250.

I want to try the lunch special at A la Bastille on Ariapita Avenue next. The same two courses and a glass of wine, but for $100. Having dined there previously I can say I find the cuisine better than at Olives.

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