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Saturday, December 28, 2002  

In or out?

That's the question being asked of West Indies batsman Brian Lara and his place on the team for the World Cup in South Africa come February.

Jamaican journalist and sports writer Tony Becca, according to a Trinidad Guardian article says he should be dropped now, both for his physical unpreparedness and his repeated insubordination both where West Indies and Trinidad & Tobago cricket are concerned.

Meanwhile over in the Express, Barbadian writer and commentator Tony Cozier (who obviously has a crystal ball) reports that, having been given the all-clear by doctors to return to cricket, Lara "will be in the West Indies 15 for the World Cup who were picked over the past two days and are expected to be announced Monday".

But what if he isn't chosen? What would happen then? Would planets tilt and mountains crumble and cities fall? Well Port of Spain might, but so what? Our capital could use an overhaul anyway. As our recent sojurn in the subcontinent showed, the West Indies have a talented cadre of young warriors eager and willing to take up the gauntlet. No, Lara's injuries and illnesses are not his fault (and his off the field indiscretions are another matter entirely) but if, in the interest of the team, it is decided he would be better off out of it then we all should accept the decision, for the greater good of the team. For the greater good: the philosophy we island people need to believe in if we are to even matter in this new world of gods and terrorists, and not just in cricket.

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