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Friday, December 20, 2002  

Talk about surreal: I'm staring at the American modern rock chart and just can't get around seeing both Nirvana ("You know you're right") and Foo Fighters ("All my life") nestled almost against one another. ("Always" by, um, Saliva sits between them.)

Bina doesn't think much of "All my life" and says that if Nirvana had done it, it would be a much better song - just imagine Kurt Cobain singing it, she says. But "All my life" isn't a Kurt Cobain song. (Could you imagine Cobain chanting the song's key lyric, "Done, done, on to the next one"?) Besides, and this is one of the reasons I quite like the Foos, in founding the band Dave Grohl didn't try to challenge history and outdo Nirvana. He just stuck his tongue in his cheek, put a grin on his face, and tossed together a pretty decent rock band that makes hummable, foot-tapping tunes about love and loss. Rock on, Dave.

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