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Thursday, December 19, 2002  

Time to boldly go home?

Nemesis, the tenth film in the Star Trek franchise, has opened to less than stellar notices and box-office returns in the US. Perhaps it is time to put this universe-exploring, infinitive-splitting baby to bed once and for all. As much as I enjoyed the TV series, none of the films with the Next Generation cast made much of an impression on me. The last of the films I enjoyed was Undiscovered Country, with Christopher Plummer as the Klingon general, Chang, declaiming Shakespeare ("You haven't read Shakespeare until you've read him in the original Klingon") while his bird of prey - that could fire while cloaked! - did intergalactic duel with the original Enterprise and her inveterate crew.

Still, if this is the last outing of the Next Generation crew, I'll miss them. Most of all the elegant, cerebral, solipsistic Captain Jean Luc Picard, played so well by Patrick Stewart (who I first encountered, with hair, in the RSC film version of Hamlet, playing Claudius) and to my sensibilities much more attractive than William Shatner's space cowboy Captain Kirk.

And I look forward to seeing Stewart in the wheelchair once again as Professor X in the next X-Men movie. His hammed-up sparring with Ian McKellen (another actor I admire, and whose Gandalf is the only reason I have any interest in The Lord of the Rings) as Magneto was about the only worthwhile bit in the otherwise unremarkable first film. But then, I've never been much of an X-fan.

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