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Saturday, December 14, 2002  

The UK Observer has a review in its December 1st issue of the CD London is the Place For Me, assembled by Damon Albarn of Blur and released by Albarn's indie label Honest Jon's. The Observer reviewer has this to say about the compilation:

"A forgotten genre, calypso, has made a comeback, thanks to London is the Place For Me, a collection of 1950s Trinidad rhymers like Lord Kitchener which celebrates life in the 'Mother Country', a landscape of landladies, underground trains, test matches, the 1953 coronation and the colour bar ('If you're not white you're considered black'). A charming, engaging evocation of a bygone era."

I've been trying to get this CD for some months now, but apparently it's only available in select UK indie record shops, and also at Amazon. (For anyone yet to purchase my Christmas gift.) I want to write more on this, and challenge VS Naipaul's assertion that true calypso is unintelligible to the non-Trinidadian, as well as Gregory Ballantyne's vacuous notion that calypso is, to use the patronising phrase, "world music". After I get the CD.

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