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Saturday, January 11, 2003  

He's back, etc.

Brian Lara scored an unbeaten 71 off of 72 balls in 75 minutes today as North defeated South in the annual Gerry Gomez memorial cricket match, days before the West Indies make camp in Antigua ahead of next month's World Cup in South Africa.

Speaking of the World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has stated that if violence in Zimbabwe increases, all six World Cup matches scheduled to be played there will be moved to South Africa. This may solve the dilemma the English cricket team has found itself in, with Tony Blair calling for the team to boycott Zimbabwe, and the England and Wales Cricket Board loathe to do so.

Which leads me to wonder: what if the West Indies were scheduled to play in Zimbabwe - would we have shown our opposition to Robert Mugabe's despotic regime and boycotted? Or would we see this as an issue of erstwhile colonies and colonisers and be guided accordingly? India and Pakistan are also scheduled to play in Zimbabwe - I wonder what their respective governments' views on the issue are.

And more overarchingly, if the US launches its offensive against Saddam Hussein next month, will the World Cup go ahead?

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