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Tuesday, January 14, 2003  

"One prominent writer has also in recent weeks announced the demise of the form of which he has been so celebrated a practitioner. Not only has V.S. Naipaul ceased to write novels: the word 'novel' itself, he tells us, makes him feel ill. [T]he author of A House for Mr. Biswas feels that the novel has outlived its historical moment, no longer fulfills any useful role, and will be replaced by factual writing. Mr. Naipaul, it will surprise no one to learn, is presently to be found at the leading edge of history, creating this new post-fictional literature."

- Salman Rushdie, "In Defense of the Novel, Yet Again" taken from Step Across This Line: Collected Nonfiction 1992-2002.

(A footnote to this passage reads: "Mr. Naipaul - now Sir Vidia - published a new novel, Half a Life, five years after making this statement. We must thank him for bringing this dead form back to life.")

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