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Sunday, January 12, 2003  

Where are the women columnists in the Express?

I've just been reading both the Sunday Express and Guardian online editions, and going through their respective lists of columnists, I find myself asking this question. The Guardian has, of a Sunday and during the week, Kris Rampersad, Ira Mathur, Atillah Springer, Debbie Jacob (who was with the Express) and Dana Seetahal, as well as its men columnists. The Express has Lloyd Best, Raoul Pantin, Raffique Shah, Martin Daly, Kevin Baldeosingh, Tony Deyal, Keith Smith...all men; no women.

As nominally the more "liberal" paper, you'd think the Express would have at least a few women columnists in its pages. Is it just by accident none exist? Or do Caribbean Communications Network Chairman Craig Reynald and Express Editor-in-Chief Sunity Maharaj think the Sunday women's magazine is the only place women should be found, dispensing advice on sex and fashion?

One to think about...

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