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Tuesday, March 18, 2003  

"Listen, I have written before in this space that September 11 saw me firmly on the American side, not only because so many of our people are there, but because I am not foolish enough not to cherish our western freedoms, it being impossible for me not only to survive but to live under those Arabian restrictions that are rooted not so much in the Koranic Islam but in the tribal memory so often, if not savage, then at least insecure.

"Still, for all this, I remain leery of this business of a pre-emptive strike, Bush and Blair still to persuade not only me, but millions like me, that Saddam, murderous brute though he might be, is a new Hitler. ...

"[T]he real question is whether getting rid of Saddam... will make for a more or less stable world and the answer, seems to me, that hitting Hussein before he hits somebody is to open up a can of snakes slithering out to sting. Only now their poison is going to be of a more explosive kind, every man everywhere liable to go down in a blast of smoke, nothing more dangerous in the modern inter-connected world than a righteous bomber with a religious and cultural cause."

- Keith Smith in today's Express.

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