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Saturday, April 12, 2003  

"I have a hunch that only a society such as ours in the Caribbean, transplanted from all corners of the continents, stands a chance of coping with diversity and dissent essentially without tears and entirely without the aid of jingoistic ideology or religion. Our great weakness lies of course in our history of not enjoying any ruling class in permanent settlement, dedicated to converting a mere locus of production and exploitation into a hearth and a home. Though we do have privileged and validating elites, the gangster state still predominates and anything goes.

"We're still to form anything like a responsible officer corps capable even ensuring law and order or of conducting our cricket with competence and dignity let alone managing the more significant and sensitive portfolios. This is a proletarian society wholly bereft of founding ideas, indeed it has no ideas at all.

"The noblest and therefore the most promising thing about us is therefore our almost innate catholicity, our open-mindedness to all promise."

- Lloyd Best holding on to the dream, in today's Express

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