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Sunday, April 13, 2003  

Nicholas, who after a period of relative inactivity did a volcanic spurt of blogging today, disagrees with my contention that Georgetown, Guyana is the most beautiful of Caribbean capitals. He says St. George's, Grenada is. I have visted both cities, and the last time we broached the subject of Caribbean travel, I believe Nicholas had not been to either. But he may have since, and as my one and only visit to Georgetown was many years ago, it could well be that St. George's (which is a wonderful place) has surpassed Georgetown in aesthetic appeal; or as I suspect is more the case, that Georgetown has, sadly, moved down the list.

One thing I do agree with Nicholas on is the recent spate of events in Cuba. Caribbean commentators and politicians continue to turn a blind eye to Fidel Castro's evil deeds. I'm sorry to have to disagree with my Castro-loving colleagues and friends, but the man is no less than a tyrant, a despot who tolerates no dissent, no matter the form or intent. Not to recognise this, or to blindly and stupidly praise Castro for his anti-American stance - whatever America's admitted faults in the matter may be - is at least disingeneous, at worst to side with tyranny.

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