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Tuesday, April 01, 2003  

Raymond Ramcharitar reviews An Echo in the Bone, the play I wrote about a couple of days ago, in today's Express. I must say that I agree with Ramcharitar that the play isn't bad; it was the production that was a mess and made the play itself seem awful, too.

Ramcharitar also laments, for the umpteenth time, the dire state of the arts in this country. But this time he's prepared to do something about it:

"The problem is not as simple as inadequacy or incompetence; neither, I'm beginning to realise, is it dishonesty. It is more likely that these inadequacies are built in to, not only the system, but the institution - this isn't necessarily anyone's 'fault', but that doesn't absolve anyone of responsibility.

"So in the all-too-likely event that no one, or too few, or the wrong people understand this, and the right people misunderstand it, I have a solution: gentlemen/women in charge of the CCFA [Centre for Creative & Festival Arts], I want to put my money where my mouth is.

"I offer myself as a director of a play using the actors and physical resources of the CCFA. Clearly these reviews are serving no purpose but hurting feelings, which is not the intention. The intention is to educate and, in the spirit of that, I'm willing to try something new."

Considering Ramcharitar's multiple run-ins with the CCFA in the past, I don't hold much hope of them taking up the gauntlet. Neither does Ramcharitar, I'm sure. But the challenge has been made, and it'll be interesting to see if anything is made of it.

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