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Wednesday, April 16, 2003  

Scream & shout

An update on my cover songs/remixes rant: I just heard a remix of the Beatles' "Twist & Shout". (I pause for the shock and disbelief to register.)

"Twist & Shout" is a particular favourite of mine - I love Lennon's raspy vocal take - and this act of vandalism really makes me seethe. Whose idea was this? What in heaven's name was their intention? And most of all, who gave the okay for it to happen?

The words "Beatles" and "remix" should never even appear in the same sentence, except to condemn any idea of meddling with the genius of the greatest pop band ever. Not that remixes aren't pointless, there are good ones out there (Fatboy Slim's remix of Cornershop's "Brimful of Asha" gave a healthy shot of groove to what was a rather torpid tune). But the Beatles? Whatever happened to the sound philosophy of not fixing broken things?

To everyone complicit in this nefarious deed, apart from wishing you all a long, toasty repose in one the inner circles of hell, I pose the question Lennon himself once asked, in song, of roughly the same issue: How do you sleep?

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