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Monday, May 12, 2003  

"Although it maintains an 'elite' image, the sweatshop of the New York Times, while it may pay better, is not all that distinct from any other corporate slavery gig: the goal is to produce (in this case, reproduce) a product - "news" - for sale. That the product is dually packaged to get the consumer's buck-fifty at the newsstand and the tens of thousands of dollars per page from the advertising class that constitutes the larger income of the newspaper further complicates the challenge to the worker: He and she have to please a more powerful master than the public; he and she have to please only that part of the public with expendable cash, a minority of citizens in New York, and in the rest of America. That subgroup - and not the democratic majority - is the only public that the advertising class wants to reach. Thus, the affectations of snobbery on 43rd Street are intentional. They are part and parcel of a marketing strategy. That this imposed style creates incentive for workers to become bad human beings, of course, will not be analyzed in the Times' spin-control over the Jayson Blair saga."

- From an Indymedia article on the Jayson Blair affair, aka the "Blair Switch Saga".

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