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Thursday, May 08, 2003  

"...the Government... should be able to state clearly what it means for Trinidad and Tobago to be a developed nation. For me, the basic criteria are pretty clear: (1) a murder rate of about one—three at most—for every 100,000 citizens; (2) a functional literacy rate of over 95 per cent; (3) free quality health care; (4) poverty levels and unemployment rates of between five and seven per cent. 

"But nobody has laid out any definite criteria, programmes, or a timetable; and I’ll lay odds they never do. The sad thing is, we have both the knowledge and the wherewithal to achieve these fundamental goals. What we lack is the political will, and that’s a deficiency that extends beyond our politicians to almost all the leaders in the society."

- Kevin Baldeosingh in today's Express, giving his answer to the various questions I was pondering a couple of days ago.

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