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Saturday, May 24, 2003  

"If whites accept rule by the black majority they have a future in South Africa, but for Gordimer the most encouraging development is inter-racial relationships. 'It's wonderful for someone like myself to see this change, to see a mixed-race couple walking in the park and suddenly embrace and kiss one another.' A sight she maintains is more common in South Africa than the US. Almost as an afterthought she adds: 'I find black men so much more beautiful than white men.' A feeble joke to the effect that her comment won't be taken personally is met with silence, suggesting perhaps I could."

- From an interview with Nadine Gordimer by a white man, Rory Carrol, in the UK Guardian this week. (And speaking of beauty - have a look at the strikingly stately photo of Gordimer alongside the article.)

I've always been wary of seeing inter-racial relationships as the best way of improving race relations, but more and more I find myself embracing the view, especially as it leads to an integration of peoples, not just engenders tolerance. It is being in an inter-racial relationship simply for the sake of it, or as a reactionary "statement" that is disingenuous.

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