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Friday, May 16, 2003  

"In the pub, my friends asked me the questions I should be answering in this article. Didn't I want to be involved? Wasn't I worried what they might do to the book? Were there bits of mine I'd instructed them not to touch and if they touched my bits, would I mind? The answers to which are, no, no, no and no. Why shouldn't my bits be touched, and often? I have needs too — just like anybody. Besides, by this point I had come to realize that my "White Teeth" was about a hundred pages too long and suffered from a calamitous ending, dragging at the rear like all unnecessary tails. The truth is, it could do with some touching up. If it were a perfect piece of statuary, then no, one wouldn't want anybody's grubby fingers upon it. But it's not, it's more like a fat, messy kid who needs help."

- Zadie Smith in an article from the NY Times on the TV version of White Teeth, the second part of which airs this Sunday on PBS. Finally, Smith admits thats she faltered at the final hurdle of the "baggy monster" that was her debut (but I still loved it).

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