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Friday, May 16, 2003  

"The most worrying aspect of Tuesday's win is the very thing West Indians are most secure about and do not hold up to examination, far less question: photographs around the world showed the entire team prostrating themselves to kiss the wicket, like a dozen blind Muslims searching for a Braille Mecca.

"To interpret the results of acts of will as a reward from on high is to deny the individual and fetter the team as surely as the chains [of slavery] did. There is room for God in most aspects of Caribbean life, but He shouldn't be on the cricket field if He can't send down ten overs for 20 runs or bat through three sessions."

- BC Pires, echoing my call yesterday for "hard-headed pragmatism", on why God and cricket shouldn't mix, in today's Guardian. (The print edition; inexplicably, the column isn't on the online edition.)

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