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Tuesday, June 03, 2003  

(KAFKA is alone on the stage. He picks up the Penguin and looks at it idly. Then less idly. He reads aloud the first sentence:)

KAFKA: "Somebody must have been telling lies about Joseph K because one fine morning he was arrested..." (Turns the book over to look at the title. There is a moment of shocked silence, then he shouts:) MAX! (Nobody comes. KAFKA rushes off the stage and comes back with some of the books taken out of the bookshelf, looking at them and throwing them down as he comes.) Kafka! Kafka! Novels, stories, letters. Everything. MAX!

(BROD creeps on to the stage.)

BROD: (Faintly) Sorry....

- From a scene from the play Kafka's Dick by Alan Bennett, which imagines a reincarnated Franz Kafka discovering that his friend Max Brod has published the manuscripts that Kafka had requested on his deathbed that Brod destroy, 79 years ago today.

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