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Friday, June 13, 2003  

"Trinidad has always prided itself on being modern but it hasn't been for 500 years. The last time we were up-to-date was when we were actually buying and selling one another.

"Practically every attitude we bring to bear on every aspect of every encounter in all our spheres of activity was formed 500 years ago, in slavery; when at least we had clear explanations of why a grown man could beat a baby to death or pay someone working for him no more than the clothes on his back or the meals he ate.

"We still labour under an absentee landowner. We would have to; we cannot bear the thought that we are responsible for what we suffer. We could not be doing this to ourselves.

"For the same reason, we prefer not to believe the place could actually belong to us: if it did, it is we who would have to take care of it."

- BC Pires back from London for a spell, in his column in today's Guardian.

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