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Thursday, June 12, 2003  

War against peace

So, mere days after the new roadmap to peace for the Middle East was agreed to, Israel decided (and failed) to take out a terrorist leader, killing three civilians instead, and injuring scores more. And then, proving that like any animal species, a terrorist is at his most dangerous when injured, there was a suicide bomb in Jerusalem, killing thirteen and injuring seventy. Then Israeli counter-strikes; at least seven dead, scores injured.

Everyone knows that terrorists (terrorists, not "freedom fighters") have no interest in peace. Hence their name: they exist simply to terrorise those they oppose into oblivion. Knowing this, how could Israel's actions be seen as anything but intentionally, and deadly, provocative? It casts further doubt - not that more was needed - on the Israeli government's true commitment to peace; and in many peoples' eyes, makes them no different than the terrorists.

He's a poet and didn't even know it

Why criticise the inability of the coalition forces in Iraq to find any WMD, when one of the men who was so sure they were there makes the case so eloquently himself?

Deafening silence

And why do our local commentators continue to keep mum over the situations in Cuba and Zimbabwe?

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