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Monday, June 02, 2003  

Where does a person, in this country, interested in reading first rate analysis of current local and regional events, reviews of the arts and letters (and occasional prose pieces and poems), as well as colourful and informed articles on food, sport and general lifestyle issues, turn?

Certainly not, for the most part, to our daily newspapers. No, such a person - rare though he be round these parts - awaits the first Monday of every month and the publication of the Trinidad & Tobago Review. For 25 years (an eternity in periodical publishing in T&T, outside of the two main dailies and a handful of the sensationalist weeklies) the TTR, under the unfailing stewardship of Managing Editor Lloyd Best, has been dedicated to promoting the life of the mind and engendering meaningful discourse in a society sorely lacking in both.

So this month in the TTR, among other contributions, Owen Thompson declares he has had "As much as I can stomach from Fidel", excoriating the Cuban dictator in a manner I've never seen any of the commentators in the Guardian ("The Guardian of Democracy") or the Express do; while Raymond Ramcharitar and Valerie Belgrave both give their very different takes on novelist Earl Lovelace's new collection of essays, Growing in the Dark; Kevin Baldeosingh chides local artists for "Posing in place"; and Frank Birbalsingh revels in My Autobiography by Sir Garfield Sobers.

However, to read any of these pieces you'll have to get your hands on an actual copy of the TTR, as it is not available online. (Nicholas Laughlin, who also writes for the TTR, has a few of his novel and poetry reviews here.)

Hopefully in time to come the TTR will make its way to the WWW. Until such time, if anyone not resident in T&T wishes to procure a subscription, they can email

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