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Thursday, July 03, 2003  

I am bitterly disappointed at the way former Chief Justice and Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Piarco Airport Development project, Clinton Bernard, is handling proceedings at the Commission.

Bernard, whose credentials and standing as a member of the legal fraternity have never, to my knowledge, been called into account before, seems dead-set on dragging the C of E through disreputable territory as much as he can, with no regard whatsoever for the Commission's credibility and impartiality.

I, as much as any right-thinking citizen would like to see the Commission do its work and find out just exactly how that joke we call our airport cost in excess of a billion dollars, where the money went, and who it went to. The guilty must be held accountable - I await the trial of the Airport Six and others with much interest.

But if Bernard keeps on going the way he has, lashing out at the news media, the DPP, lawyers in the enquiry, and now, a recently deceased judge (who Bernard described unapologetically in the Commission yesterday as a drunkard), all the solid work of others in building the case against the accused and in finding the evidence of corruption in the airport project may come to naught.

And his invocation of other-worldy agents (“As long as I live... somebody up there loves Clinton Bernard," he said yesterday at the Commission) is also rather troubling.

Bernard seems blinded by his own self-importance, unable to realise he continues to play in the hands of those who would love nothing more than to see the C of E scrapped, and the charges against the Airport Six dropped.

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