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Wednesday, July 30, 2003  

"The other problem is that what should be a very basic and easily-achieved responsibility of parents - making sure that their children turn up for school dressed appropriately - is yet again being blamed on some nebulous outside influence, thus giving the parents themselves even more excuse to wriggle off the hook. Kylie and Britney, if they too were weak-minded enough to want to join this endless conga-line of buck-passing, could blame the present hyper-sexualism of society in general and showbusiness in particular on the way they are 'forced' to dress. The premium on female physical beauty in pop has never been hysterically higher; it is hard to imagine an Aretha Franklin or Alison Moyet getting a major record deal today, when even 'quality' singer-songwriters like Norah Jones look like supermodels. But they don't moan, because it's not that big a deal; they simply don their gaudy rags and their dancing shoes and get on with it."

- Julie Burchill, everybody's favourite feminist-hedonist (well, mine at any rate) in Thursday's UK Guardian, defending Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears from the attacks of Jim O'Neill, president of Britain's Professional Association of Teachers.

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