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Sunday, July 13, 2003  

"This column, indeed my work as a whole, assumes a public purpose: to help the country understand itself. The country—the thing to be understood—is accordingly the centre of the work, not the writer and his views, which serve as tools for understanding. Of course there is a fine line; but it is a line nonetheless, which I try not to cross often."


"Writing a column has turned out to be a precious labour if only because of the links that it makes with readers, whether they agree or disagree with my content. It becomes a pleasurable duty to write if it gives voice to many whose voices are none at all. I’ll tell you something else readers. All our voices are needed because it is rare for politicians to be able to broaden and elevate their reach in any country, whether its politics are mature or not."

- Martin Daly and Kirk Meighoo in their respective columns in today's Sunday Express.

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