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Monday, August 18, 2003  

On Friday last I postulated that the Guardian was scraping the barrel for readers with its sensationalist journalism. Now it seems the grande dame of T&T newspapers is also hard-up for decent articles as well. Today’s paper carries the second part of an article, the first part of which appeared last Friday, on the subject of pornography. The source of the article? That most reputable and unbiased of periodicals, the Jehovah’s Witness weekly publication, Awake!.

Fair enough that the Guardian decided to take on the issue of pornography--an issue made all the more relevant with the availability of the Internet and the recent arrival of an X-rated cable channel--but come on folks, Awake!? Don’t we have enough columnists and letter-writers giving us the religious point of view, without having to turn to a fundamentalist Christian magazine for comment and analysis on an issue that needs to be tackled with more than simplistic biblical exhortations about resisting the temptations of the flesh?

More importantly, what does this say about the credentials of the Guardian, a national newspaper that ought to be secular, favouring no faith over another (in fact, not favouring any form of religious faith at all)?

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