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Tuesday, September 16, 2003  

"The syllabus pretends to relegate the teaching of our deepest convictions to a subject called religious education. But teens learn as much about God, family and work when reading set books as they do when sitting through a class on religion. In fact, they learn more. They absorb their convictions, and the culture we want them to inherit, when they study literature, history, biology or any related subject. When choosing set books, we choose the future of culture. Who should make that choice?"

-- Joe Babendreier, from an article in the Kenya Sunday Nation of September 14, on the controversy surrounding a call by a Roman Catholic group, the Kenya Parents Caucus, for the removal of Chinua Achebe's novel A Man of the People (among other texts) from Kenya's secondary school syllabuses. The group claims the novels in question are pornographic. (Via the Literary Saloon.)

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