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Sunday, October 26, 2003  

The result is a collection of short stories, each illustrated by a different artist. Gaiman takes us on a wild ride through a night of the Endless, from the portraits of Despair to the gardens of Destiny, via a party at the beginning of the Universe and the islands off Venice. Each tale is exquisitely layered and repays careful reading: the reader is introduced to each of the Endless in turn as they flit in and out of the stories. The Sandman has always experimented with form, theme and illustration, and Endless Nights continues the tradition.... [W]ith Endless Nights, it is clear that Gaiman's creation is still more potent and vibrant than the industry that surrounds it.

-- Sandman fans rejoice: Neil Gaiman has brought the god of dreams and his dysfunctional lot of siblings, the Endless, back to the page.

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