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Thursday, December 04, 2003  

"We have serious objections to most of the content of this book which is a despicable insult to Bangladeshis at home and abroad. This has been an awful slight on us and people feel very strongly about it.

"It is a completely stereotypical view of Bangladeshis living in Brick Lane and one we simply do not recognise. The book says we got here by jumping ships and it says we have lice and live like rats in their holes. These comments are simply untrue and hurtful."

-- A spokesperson for the Greater Sylhet Welfare and Development Council, criticising Monica Ali's Man Booker Prize-nominated Brick Lane, in an article from yesterday's UK Guardian.


"Oh, and limitless scorn for the rogue's gallery of central Texas yokels, anesthetized by consumer culture, tirelessly on the make and oh so fat. There's Vernon's fat, sentimental and clueless mother, and her posse of fat, sentimental and status-conscious neighborhood matrons, who cash in insurance premiums from their suspiciously missing husbands and await the delivery of side-door-opening refrigerators with all the fervor of Micronesian cargo cults. And as if such characters weren't sufficiently bathetic, Pierre also gives most of Martirio's citizens the same last name, Gurie, so as to hint none-too-subtly at a local history of inbreeding."

-- From the review of DBC Pierre's Man Booker Prize-winning Vernon God Little, in Tuesday's Washington Post.

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