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Friday, March 12, 2004  

And, in his column in today's Guardian, BC Pires addresses an issue not unrelated to Joseph's (link good until next Friday):

"Few extreme positions are tenable. To abhor virginity is not to advocate promiscuity.

"Between those outermost points of ignorance, there is a vast middle ground called knowledge we all may safely occupy. The world needs considerably less faith and far more informed judgment to avoid plunging into an age of superstition and omnipresent violence....

"Here is the meat of the matter, as it were: sex is not evil; yes, it can be made holy, but by the intentions of the parties involved, not by a man in a dress flapping his arms about; priests call virginity innocence but it is ignorance; the more you know about something, the better it works for you; and the concept of virginity is a lie retailed by men to keep women in ignorance."

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