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Friday, February 25, 2005  

Whether remembering how the late Jeff Buckley's vocal histrionics sounded "like mad Ophelia" or depicting his relationship with his sister as a string of Dangerous Liaisons-style intrigues, Wainwright is never short of something to say. This makes him an anomaly amid current big singer-songwriters. They delight in a sort of wilful mundaneness best expressed by Toes, a Norah Jones song in which she spends five gripping verses debating whether to go paddling, before deciding against it. Meanwhile, Wainwright comes up with songs like Gay Messiah, which, with its images of a homosexual God reborn in the body of a 1970s pornstar and baptising believers in semen, is about the most imaginative and provocative riposte to US conservatism that rock music has produced.

-- Alexis Petridis reviews Rufus Wainwright's Want Two in today's UK Guardian Friday Review.

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