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Wednesday, June 15, 2005  

As I posted previously, convicted murderer Lester Pitman received a stay of execution last week. His appeal is yet to be heard, yet the government has again stated its intention of hanging him and all convicted murderers on death row, as soon as possible. There are some seventy-plus men and women on death row, some with convictions going back almost twenty years.

Meanwhile, Senator Angela Cropper, whose husband, mother and sister Pitman was convicted of murdering, had this to say yesterday:

"I was astounded to learn that a death warrant could be read to a convicted person while his appeal is still pending and I was relieved to see this stay of execution was successful....

"I do not believe that the death penalty is a solution to anything. I think it is wrong in principle for the State to take the life of someone, on the basis that that person has offended the society. I think that people should be required to pay a penalty. But not at the cost of their lives. Nobody should. A life should not be taken in retribution for a life.

"Here is a young man who has clearly gone wrong. He is being asked to pay a penalty for it. But we should not lose sight of the fact that everyone is capable of redemption. And we should be putting an appropriate focus in the prison system for our young men, rather than just trying to take their lives."

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