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Tuesday, November 29, 2005  

Clive Bradley's genius lay in the fact that he knew exactly which soca or calypso melodies would sound best on pan (mostly, those of the late lamented Lord Kitchener), and he also knew exactly how to develop and elaborate them so that they could transcend pretty much every other Panorama arrangement. He had worked with Despers long enough to know exactly how to get the best effects out of the players and their instruments....

I don't think Bradley's work has ever been surpassed. It was never "surface" music, written for show and for easy impact; there was always meat in it too, always intelligence and substance, and at his best he could send shivers down anyone's spine. Clive Bradley showed everyone just what pan could be.

-- Jeremy Taylor pays tribute to pan arranger Clive Bradley, at the new Caribbean Beat blog.

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