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Sunday, November 20, 2005  

In the wake of our country qualifying for its first ever football World Cup, BC Pires interviews Jack Warner, CONCACAF president, FIFA vice-president, and all-round T&T football jefe.

I'm no Jack Warner fan, and his high-handed, dictatorial approach to the running of football here (not to mention his political affiliations) has been part of the reason why I've found it somewhat difficult to really get behind our footballers in what admittedly is a monumental achievement. (The continuing, slow miasmal descent of our society into oblivion is another, and I'm very sceptical that our qualifying for the World Cup will do anything real to arrest that descent.)

Still and again, it is a monumental achievement, and I even think Jack Warner's idea of a CD of football-themed songs is a good one. As long as any such CD contains jointpop's brilliant, Rudderesque anthem "Little Giants".

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