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Monday, December 19, 2005  

The erosion of human rights and the enlargement of state power (that can later be misused and abused) normally take place in the height of a crisis, with the full support of the people, because rational thought is overwhelmed by panic and fear.

Trying to mask political incompetence by making kidnapping a non-bailable offence is no substitute for hard, expert police work that can lead to proper investigation, arrest, prosecution and conviction by an effective system of criminal justice.

Trying to address the symptom while ignoring the disease itself will only lead to more complications. The real problem is our under-resourced, inefficient and corrupt Police Service and ineffective system of criminal justice....

The one crime that should be non-bailable is that of political incompetence.

-- Anand Ramlogan blows the much-ballyhooed Bail Amendment Bill out of the water, in his Sunday Guardian column (no permalink). The bill, which seeks to make kidnapping a non-bailable offence, was passed in Parliament on Friday with the Opposition's support--although, as Judy Raymond notes in her weekly Parliament column (again, no permalink), neither side seemed too enthusiastic about the supposedly historic occasion.

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