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Thursday, January 12, 2006  

Is there nothing Patrick Manning won't take credit for? Following the arrests of Franklin Khan and Eric Williams on bribery charges, our fearless leader, speaking from Guyana (meeting, perhaps, with his fellow clone, president Bharrat Jagdeo?) and speaking of himself in the third person, declared:

"Two ministers of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago have resigned within recent times as a result of reports made by the Prime Minister to the Integrity Commission through the Attorney General.... It is as a consequence of the action of the government itself that this has come about."

And further:

"What is of significance is the determination of the government to ensure that as we conduct our public affairs we do so in accordance with the highest standards of integrity."

It's more than a little curious that Manning should talk about integrity when practically his first act on assuming the office of prime minister after the last general election was to name his wife the minister of education. The Express seems to have forgotten this, as today's editorial declares that "Mr Manning's ethical stocks" are on a high. I suppose their--and Manning's--definition of ethics and integrity is different from mine.

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