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Monday, April 02, 2007  

So yesterday was April Fool's Day, and the British newspapers had their usual slew of invented, ridiculous news stories to celebrate this fact. I particularly liked the one about Tony Blair starring in a new production of The Crucible, although I wonder how many readers bought it (it was in the Observer, after all).

Not to be outdone, the local papers ran some April Fool's stories of their own. The best one came from the Guardian, who made up a hilarious story about the Prime Minister saying that the country as yet wasn't "sophisticated enough" for an executive president. The story also has the PM rejecting the notion of restricting the term of office of such a president, because--wait for it--we have such a small population. The story goes on to quote him as saying that he would do away with independent senators if he could, because they're not really independent. And forget the idea of proportional representation--you know, ensuring that all citizens are represented in government--because it would work in the Opposition's favour by "giving more power to the country's largest ethnic group."

Hilarious! The Guardian writers sure have wonderful imaginations. Could you imagine the PM actually saying such nonsense, and what's more, saying it with a straight face, expecting us to believe him? I shudder at the thought.

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