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Tuesday, May 22, 2007  

News round-up

Credit where it's not due

A government minister goes to New York, visits a fertility clinic, then charges the visit (among various personal items) to her government-issued credit card, wich she "naively" believed to be a personal one. After visiting the clinic the minister became pregnant and gave birth to twins, but denies having had fertility treatment. As to the credit card, the minister swears there was no misuse of public funds, and asks forgiveness for her mistake.

A holy mess

A discredited foreign Christian televangelist and so-called faith-healer declares our prime minister, a staunch Christian himself, to be "a foolish man", after a meeting between the two gentlemen. According to the televangelist, the PM tried to get a woman, whom he (the PM) said was his "spiritual adviser", to lay her hands on the televangelist and pray for him. The woman herself--a "prophetess"--speaks out, saying she met with the PM on a number of occasions, but that he didn't listen to her and that's why the country is in a mess. The PM forgives the televangelist for his "inaccurate" remarks.

That sinking feeling

The south-west coast of Trinidad is sinking, due to rising sea levels. So says the chairman of the Environmental Management Authority. This same organisation recently vetted plans for an aluminium smelter to be built in the south-west of the island. Smelters produce carbon, which is a contributor to global warming, a cause of rising sea levels. So far, no one has asked forgiveness.

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