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Friday, May 18, 2007  

Soca singer Destra Garcia has a problem. She has a problem with lyrics. Not soca lyrics, which, given that she sings soca, and that "soca lyrics" is basically an oxymoron, you would think she might be more than a little concerned about. No, according to an article from, our Destra has a problem with hip-hop lyrics. She thinks they're degrading to women. No argument here--a lot (though certainly not all) of hip-hop is certainly quite misogynist. (There is misogynist soca too, but Destra conveniently overlooks that.)

What is interesting about the article, though, is the photo of Destra that accompanies it. Not so much the tight white short top she's wearing--which makes her look not unlike an extra in a hip-hop video--but the design on it: isn't that the Playboy logo?

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If anything put a crimp in her argument, it was that

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